Fit and Healthy Moms (...and ladies)

We don't need to tell you what the 1st of the year means. But, we do want to tell you about our awesome first event for 2017.

We're teaming up with the people at CrossFit West Houston (Wait! Keep reading!) to bring you a great work-out and nutrition class. The workout will be 45min - 1hr and the nutrition part will follow for about 30min.

This is an entirely different approach than what you are normally sold in the media - it's NOT take these supplements and feel 1,000 better and lose weight. It's not do the 5 excercises for a tighter, firmer rear. It IS learn how to squat down to pick up a toy while holding a toddler... without killing your knees. It IS get stronger so carrying the groceries in from the car is easier. Funcitional movements in a higher intensity environment. And, don't worry, we're not going to be lifting 500lb weights or being pushed to become meaty bodybuilders. :)

Feel free to ask questions and sign up now! As always, babysitting is included!

* This class will sta
rt at 10:30 NOT 9:30 like our other classes.

Kolibri Terms and Conditions

Thu Jan 19, 2017
10:30 AM - 12:00 PM CST
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Kolibri Artist SOLD OUT $27.50
Additional Child SOLD OUT $7.50
Kolibri Artist + babysitting SOLD OUT $33.50
Venue Address
8716 Long Point Rd #213, Houston, TX 77055 United States
On Long Point between Hollister and Bingle, behind the Orthodontist office. It's the second left into the set of tan buildings. Head all the way down and the door is on the left across from the landscapers.
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